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Friday, October 29, 2004

Rainbow Desire, by Leanne Shawler

In this short, but steamy, story, governess Kate Raselbury finds herself in the position to have the best of two worlds. She captures a leprechan's gold, and the leprechan offers her the best sex in the world if she'll pay him back the gold. And so Kate plans how best to invest and spend her gold, all the while paying Declan the leprechan for his amazing bedroom prowess. The gold and Declan's ability to be with Kate soon runs out. What will Kate do then?

This wonderful tale is a quick, and very entertaining read. The ending is a bit unexpected, and Kate's decisions refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I look forward to more of Ms. Shawler's work in the future.

Available From:Amber Quill Press

Reviewed By: Vicki McElfresh

Vicki 9:45 PM

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