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Monday, August 09, 2004

Earthchild, Allie Bates

A riveting tale of mistaken identity, deceit and betrayal set in medieval Scotland, Earthchild is a very well-written, entertaining read. Branwyn, an often-scorned healer, captures the imagination and makes for a saucy, yet feminine heroine, though her innocence is at times overdone. Llewellyn's secret identity lends a bit of mystery to this gentle, yet dangerous hero.

Earthchild makes for a fun read with plenty of spicy sex scenes, a few lip-biting moments, and a bit of mystery. I definitely recommend this book. I'll definitely look for more of Allie Bates's novels in the future.

Available from: New Ages Dimensions Publishing

Reviewed By: Vicki McElfresh

Vicki 12:20 AM

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