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Friday, May 14, 2004

Opening Gambit; By: Clive Russel

In chess, an opening gambit is when a pawn is sacrificed to obtain a piece of a higher value. The novel of the same name is a cheeky, rollicky tale of a churchmouse who stows away in the cardinal's hat portmanteau for a trip to England during the time of Henry VIII. Giovanni, aka Spike, witnesses events such as the annual healing of the lepers, the plague, and all manner of events from the year 1528.

This is not a book to read while distracted by TV, radio or other family members. By that I don't mean that it is a hard read, but a book the requires paying close attention so it's sarcasm, puns, and clever innuendo is not lost on the reader. Opening Gambit is a well-written novel with word-play that would make Will Shakespeare grin.

Check this one out someday.

Available from: Little Lemur Publishing

Reviewed by: Vicki McElfresh

Vicki 11:16 PM

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