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Friday, January 30, 2004

he Silver Blade, By Gary Lunny

The Silver Blade is a rollicking young adult tale set in ancient Ireland. When Breehan’s sister Kathleen is kidnapped by the Vikings, he sets out to free her, meeting a leprechaun who is cursed to speak in rhyme on the way. With his new friend’s help, and along with a newfound friend of his dead father’s, Breehan manages to free his sister.

But getting home isn’t going to be easy. When Breehan and his friends stumble upon evidence of a major Viking raid, they know they have to warn each and every village along the coast. With a surprising twist at the end, this story does not disappoint.

My only quibble is the fact that the Viking raiders keep referring to their God, Thor--the god of the sea. As far as I can remember in Norse mythology, Thor is the God of thunder and Aegir is the god of the sea. But perhaps at one time Thor was known differently; it's been a while since I read up on Norse mythology. :)

The Silver Blade is published by Writer's Exchange E-Publishing

Reviewed by Jennifer St. Clair

Jennifer 6:10 PM

Friday, January 23, 2004

The Talisman, Karin Huxman

Meeting the perfect man while shopping for a good luck charm seems highly unlikely, but it happens for Jaime Campbell. Except, she's not interested in a relationship, or rather, she's far more interested in getting rid of the cloud of bad luck that seems to cling to her. But Chad Penwarren has an inexplicable draw for her, and no matter how hard she fights, she can't escape her attraction for him. But someone else wants Chad affections, who will win in the end?

The Talisman is a very short novel, only about 80 pages. It's a fun little paranormal romance with well-drawn characters and well-written prose. Huxman creates a likeable heroin in Jaime, and Chad is a nice contrast to her. The Wiccan elements in this are exceptionally well-researched and well done. I liked the detailing of various elements of the Wicccan religion.

My one criticism of this novel is that it feels too short and rushed. I'd love to have seen a little more Jaime's past, more struggle between her and Chad, just more of everything. I could easily envision this being a much longer piece.

I enjoyed The Talisman, and it's a great book to read on a lunch break, while supper's cooking, or in the middle of the night when you need a bit of a pick me up and reaffirmation that love really does exist.

Available from: New Concepts Publishing.

Revied by: Vicki McElfresh.

Vicki 1:41 PM

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Viking Seduction, Tracy L. Ranson

Morgana, princess of Wales, sails from her native land to escape an arranged marriage to the King of England, but things don't go as she planned. Her ship is captured by Vikings, and she is taken prisoner by the Viking leader, Erik, who claims her as his woman. She wants no part of the Viking brute, yet at the same time she finds herself attracted to him. Erik puts her to work in the kitchen, and sometime between serving Erik's meals, putting fleas in his clothes, and resisting all his advances, she finds herself falling in love with him. And the rest . . . is a rollicking romp of verbal sparring, attempted escapes, and one very strong willed woman.

Viking Seduction is a fun book. It's the kind of book to read all alone, sipping a choice beverage and eating chocolate. Morgana's character is delightfully witty and strong-willed. There's a few steamy sex scenes. And also a nice glimpse of Viking life. Ranson did her research well as the religion and culture of Morgana's adopted land imbue the story with life.

My one criticism is that the book felt just a little rushed. I would like to have seen some of the scenes drawn out a little more, especially towards the end.

If you've got a night to be all alone, check this book out. It definitely needs to be read in one sitting without interruption.

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Author: Tracy L. Ranson

Reviewed by: Vicki McElfresh

Vicki 12:05 AM

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